The foods we consume directly affect not only how we feel today, but how we will feel in the years to come. The Standard American Diet (SAD) is increasingly causing us to suffer from chronic illnesses like heart disease, diabetes and atherosclerosis. These illnesses are costing us huge amounts of money in healthcare and stripping away our quality of life. 

Making simple, small changes to our everyday eating habits will result in immediate and long term improvements to our overall health. be. nourished. empowers it's participants through education to take charge of their health. 

Our mission is to improve eating habits one bite at a time to extend the life and wellness of each participant through a deeper understanding of nutrition. 

Comments about be. nourished.

"Beth exudes a genuine enthusiasm for what she does. Her knowledge of nutrition, physical fitness and good food make her classes engaging and interesting. I look forward to her classes and the opportunity to learn something new." - Registered Dietitian

"What was really nice is my body felt 100% for the first time in years... Anyway, I'm in great shape thanks to you!!!"  -Health Coaching Client

"Beth is a great instructor with a fun personality. I learned a lot and am excited to make some immediate healthy changes to my diet." - Cancer Support Community Center Participant

"Every one of our fire fighters saw improvement in their blood pressure and cholesterol numbers as a result of participating in Beth's program." - Norwood Fire Fighters

"Our students have become more mindful of what they eat each day and how it effects their academic and physical performance. You have made a difference!" - Highschool Health Teacher

"I am very pleased!  Thanks again for helping me make this a success. Our 47 participants lost a total of 160 lbs. as a result of the Holiday Maintain program with be. nourished." - Benefits Manager at Perfetti Van Melle